Pressure-Safe Technologies

Vault equipment is engineered for safety, efficiency, and reliability, allowing you to feel safe whether on location or on vacation. Your people and assets are safe with VPC equipment.


Wellheads, rotating heads, hydraulic drilling chokes, offline cementing and solutions for high-pressure, high-temperature applications.


Frac trees and manifolds, hard-line fluid delivery systems, frac support and flowback/drillout services.


Trees, manual and actuated valves, power feed-through, well testing, equipment rentals and preventive maintenance programs.


“We are committed to returning every employee home in the same condition they came to work.”

Our pandemic response

Vault Pressure Control is continually committed to the safety of our employees, vendors, customers, and the communities where we live and work. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have augmented our health and safety protocols, complying with approved CDC guidelines. Vault continues to monitor potential health risks and outbreaks to ensure the continuity of support for your mission-critical operations while protecting our most important assets.