T Tubing Head (#05-0048)


T Tubing Head

The T Tubing Head, from Vault Pressure Control, is designed for single completions and has a straight bowl with a high capacity 45° load shoulder. T tubing heads are available with flanged top and bottom connections in sizes from 7-1/16” through nominal 20” and pressure ratings from 2,000 psi through 15,000 psi.

Due to Vault’s design standard, casing heads and spools are not available with a full set of lock screws. In those applications where a full set of lock screws is required a T head can be used.


  • Equipped with a full complement of integral lockscrews (PC #05-0225) for tubing hanger retention
  • Accepts a full line of single completion tubing hangers
  • Accepts W1-M and W2 slip type casing hangers
  • Available in the full range of API 6A criteria for temperature, material and PSL
  • Meets PR-2 requirements
  • Compatible with standard wear bushings and test plugs
  • When used as a casing head/spool the large auxillary shoulder can support an RCS secondary seal

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