Elevate performance to unprecedented heights.

Stop missing performance margins. Vault can help you achieve optimal production and recovery rates over the life of your well.

Production cost and production performance are two sides of the same coin — the coin that affects your bottom line. At Vault, we’re completely focused on those variables over the entire life of your well in order to help you protect your assets and achieve optimal production rates and reserve recovery. We support you with expertise and equipment.

  • Trees
  • Valves (manual and actuated)
  • Power Feed-Through
  • ESD Valves
  • Chokes
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Well Testing
  • Equipment Rentals

Contact Vault Pressure Control to maximize the end-to-end efficiency of your production.


Wellheads, rotating heads, hydraulic drilling chokes, offline cementing and other solutions for high-pressure, high-temperature applications


Frac trees and manifolds, hard-line fluid delivery systems, frac support and flowback/drillout services.