The power to think and act faster.

In an industry confronted by operational, institutional and economic challenges, Vault uniquely specializes in removing obstacles.

A century of expertise

Formerly a division of Baker Hughes, Vault Pressure Control is a fundamentally different kind of company. Privately held, we are built from the ground up to offer decisive, responsive and frictionless support, reinforced by a century’s worth of highly focused pressure control expertise. It’s the quality products and services your operations demand, unencumbered by bureaucracy or red tape.

Pressure control, reconfigured

It’s that experience that has informed and inspired a new way of thinking about pressure control, production, drilling and completions. We understand your challenges, just as we’ve shared your frustrations with the status quo. Now, we’ve built the company we’ve always wanted to build — a company for you.

The right tool. The right time.

Vault is engineered to help you meet all of your objectives, from pressure control to safety, beginning to end. It’s a product and service experience designed to eliminate disruptions at a time when disruptions seem to have become the norm. We are here. We are different. And we are ready to prove it.