13 5/8” RSH-2-N Riser SpeedheadTM System (#16-0073)


13 5/8” RSH-2-N Riser Speedhead System

The 13-5/8” RSH-2-N system is a one-piece, all purpose multi-bowl wellhead system with internal lock rings replacing conventional lock screws and a nested 11” upper bowl in the lower packoff.

Engineered for compatibility with the latest generation of drilling rigs, RSH- 2-N systems combine field proven RSH technologies to deliver unsurpassed rig time savings. Multiple options make RSH-2-N systems configurable to suit any operational requirement with maximum efficiency and safety.


  • Maximize rig time savings with any chosen combination of options to suit any operational requirement
  • Increases safety by reducing work time in the cellar, and eliminating hot work and welding
  • Quick Connect RSH-USC-1 drilling adapters for fast, safe BOP nipple- up and nipple-down
  • Hangers and packoffs are retained by internal lock rings instead of lock screws to eliminate costly body penetrations and run faster
  • Visual landing verification for intermediate casing string
  • TA Plugs are available for well control in batch-drilling operations
  • BPV threads are standard in all mandrel hangers for production casing
  • All seals with mandrel hangers are tested before nipple-down
  • Option for BPV threads when slip hangers are preferred for production casing
  • Thread-on flange converts the RSH-1 from API hub to API flange, allowing use of standard tubing heads and tubing head adapters
  • Quick Connect RSH-USC-1 spacer and adapter spools are available to suit any rig requirement
  • TA Caps for multi-well pads & batch-drilling
  • Off-Line Cementing systems are available for all casing strings

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